CV Prof. Dr. med. Xaver Baur, MD

CV Xaver Baur (M.D., Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine)

Professor Baur chaired Occupational Medicine at the University of Bochum, and was director of the Occupational (and Maritime) Institutes at the Universities of Hamburg and Bochum from 1990 until September, 2012. After his retirement at the end of September, 2012, he was awarded visiting professorship (Gastwissenschaftler) at  the   Haukeland   University   Hospital, Bergen, Norway, and at the Charité University of Medicine, Berlin, Germany. He is the initiator and current president of the charity European Occupational and Environmental Medicine (EOM) Society, and has been chair, co- chair, and member of several task forces of the European Respiratory Society and German scientific societies, which issue guidelines and position papers on diagnostics, management, prevention and compensation of work-related respiratory disorders, new lung function reference values, and ethical issues related to occupational medicine. He is (advisory) board member of several scientific journals, e.g. of The Lancet Respiratory Xaver Baur is since 2012 Collegium Ramazzini Fellow. He has devoted much of his academic career to broad questions of occupational and environmental medicine. His career research contributions have been mainly in the areas of lung function measurements, allergic disorders, including occupational asthma, hazardous exposures to inorganic dust, allergens, pollution, chemicals such as isocyanates. In focusing on research and policy he has been addressing questions of relevance of public health and ethics in occupational and environmental health. Xaver Baur has being consulted from around the world as an independent expert witness and speaker.



  • 1969 -  1975
    LMU, University School of Medicine, University of Munich (Germany)
  • 1975 M.D.
    LMU, University of Munich, School of Medicine
  • 1975-1985
    Internship, Residency LMU, University of Munich, School of Medicine
  • 1985
    Dr. Sci/ Ass. Prof. LMU, University of Munich, School of Medicine


Board Certifications: Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Pulmonary Medicine, Occupational Medicine Allergology, Environmental Medicine



  • 2013 ff
    visiting professor (Gastwissenschaftler), Institute for Occupational Medicine, Charité, University Medicine Berlin and visiting professor at the Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway
  • 2000 – 10/2012
    Professor of Medicine (C4), University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Chair for Occupational Medicine, Director of the Institute for Occupational and Maritime Medicine
  • 1990 - 2000
    Professor of Medicine (C4), University of Bochum, Director of the Institute for Occupational Medicine/ Research Institute at the Ruhr-University of Bochum
  • 1976 - 1990
    Clinical Fellow in Internal Medicine (Pulmonary Section) and in Occupational Medicine, LMU, University of Munich
  • 1976
    Junior physician, German Research Council (DFG) Research Programme „Chronic Bronchitis”, LMU, University of Munich


Main Topics of Clinical and Research Work

  • Standardization and quality control in diagnostics, management, and prevention of occupational asthma, pneumoconioses, Fume events (aerotoxic syndrome)
  • Compensation issues of occupational diseases
  • Preventive strategies and health promotion in seafaring
  • Characterization and pathogenetic mechanisms of allergenic or toxic airborne agents (enzymes, flour, latex, isocyanates, fumigants, glyphosate)
  • Developing of new lung function reference values
  • Ethical issues in occupational and environmental medicine



Occupational and environmental medicine at the Medical Schools of the Universities Munich (LMU), Bochum, Hamburg, Berlin, ongoing since 1985 Conceptual development of various postgraduate- and professional courses (Pulmonology, Occupational Medicine). Editor and/or Co-author of various medical professional guidelines and student books.


Society Affiliations

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pneumologie und Beatmungsmedizin Deutsche Gesellschaft für Arbeitsmedizin und Umweltmedizin European Respiratory Society

European Society for Environmental and Occupational Medicine, EOM Collegium Ramazzini Fellow


Service to the Community

Since 1990 Reviewer for various scientific journals. Also since 1990 member of diverse editorial (Advisory) boards (since 2012 Lancet Respiratory Medicine)

Since 1992 Member of the Advisory group Occupational diseases of the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

2002-2012 leading the section Allergology of the German Society for Pulmonary Medicine

Since 2004 leading the section Airways, Lungs of the German Society for Occupational and Enironmental Medicine

Since 2004 leading various task forces of the European Respiratory Society

Since 2001 till 2012 Director of the WHO Collaborating Centres for the Health of Seafarers

Since 2012 President, initiator and founding member of the European Society for Environmental and Occupational Medicine (registered professional charity organisation)


Research grants

European Union (ShipSan), European Respiratory Society (several Task Forces), German Research Council, DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (occupational asthma, isocyanate asthma), Ministry of Science and Technology Germany, BMFT (structural analyses of environmental allergens); Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Germany (BMAS) (Follow-up of dioxin-induced disorders in the Hamburg cohort), and many diverse independent science foundations.



over 460 PubMed-listed publications, e.g. in Science, The Lancet, editor of several books and national publications, see